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Lacerta OB1

Submitted by Kevin Jardine on 24 June, 2007 - 17:39

Hover your mouse over each blue dot for the name of the object, or click on the dot for a detail page. This map was created using the all-sky hydrogen-alpha map produced by Douglas Finkbeiner from data collected by the WHAM, VTSS and SHASSA hydrogen-alpha surveys.

It has been been known for many decades that the O9V double star 10 Lacertae is the core of an OB association and is surrounded by a prominent HII region which is close to our solar system but not part of the Gould Belt. This nebula (Sh 2-126) appears large in part because it is close (about 600 parsecs), but the hydrogen-alpha image below is more than twice as large as the size Sharpless reported from examining the Palomar plates. Sh 2-126 appears to be quite a major local nebula.

Sh 2-126