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Inner galaxy - Circinus OB1

Submitted by Kevin Jardine on 24 June, 2007 - 19:42

Hover your mouse over each blue dot for the name of the object, or click on the dot for a detail page. This map was created using the all-sky hydrogen-alpha map produced by Douglas Finkbeiner from data collected by the WHAM, VTSS and SHASSA hydrogen-alpha surveys.

The large bright cloud is the 1700 year old supernova remnant RCW 89 (SNR 320.4-01.0), which appears to be part of the OB association Circinus OB1 located at a distance of about 3000 parsecs in the inner galaxy. Nearby at about the same distance are RCW 87 and RCW 88. RCW 87 is called the Black Window nebula because of its appearance in infrared.

RCW 94
RCW 87
RCW 92
RCW 91
RCW 88
RCW 89
RCW 90
RCW 93