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Map trivia

Submitted by Kevin Jardine on 19 March, 2005 - 20:09

There are 8978 objects on the galaxy map, including 5165 stars, 1013 star clusters, 1899 molecular clouds and 901 nebulae (mostly HII regions, but also a few planetary nebula and some more exotic objects).

At the fourth zoom level, the map is 46080 pixels by 46080 pixels large (2.304 pixels per parsec). At 72 pixels per inch, this means the full map would be 53 1/3 feet long and high (16.25 metres x 16.25 metres). This is a big map!

For ease of use, the map is split into 360x360 pixel segments. There are 21376 segments in all (148 at zoom level 1, 535 at zoom level 2, 3765 at zoom level 3, and 16928 at zoom level 4).