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New molecular cloud catalog.

Submitted by Kevin Jardine on 11 December, 2006 - 16:59

As explained on the sources page, I have added 625 molecular clouds from "The Equilibrium State of Molecular Regions in the Outer Galaxy". This makes the galaxy map much more detailed in the second quadrant.

The new map also fixes the display problem in the previous version - B class stars are now displayed again as balls rather than tiny crescents!

Sucking down the site

Submitted by Kevin Jardine on 4 December, 2006 - 15:06

According to my server logs, on Saturday 2 December 2006, between 9 am and 4 pm, someone in the Marseilles / Nice region of southern France used the HTTrack website copier to download most of this site.

I have deliberately not put copyright notices on the maps and other images on this site even though I have spent hundreds of hours creating them. I acknowledge the sources of the data and I think its fair to let anyone who wants to use images or other information from Galaxy Map to do so as long as they acknowledge the sources (including this site) as well.

However, I am unhappy about people using computer programs to suck down the entire site. First, because of the pressure this places on my server and the bandwidth costs I would face if several other people decided that they wanted copies of this site as well. But second, and more importantly, because this is a living site with continual updates. Someone in southern France now has an out-of-date copy of Galaxy Map that will get more and more out of date over time.

If you like this site and want the data I used to build it, just ask me. If you need special maps for a legitimate application, then just ask me and perhaps I can help.

But please don't make copies of this site without my permission.

If the person who did make the copy reads this (or if you know who did it), then I would appreciate it if you would comment below and tell me how you intend to use this information.

If you are not already registered, then you will need to take a minute to click on the link on the left to create an account. It only takes a minute.

Kevin Jardine

Upcoming changes

Submitted by Kevin Jardine on 24 November, 2006 - 15:13

A preview of new features coming soon:

I've overlaid the Sharpless, RCW, Gum and Westerhout catalogs on top of Douglas Finkbeiner's full sky hydrogen-alpha map. You will be able to zoom into the hydrogen-alpha image and arrive at about 35 subimages with commentary. This is a huge new section of the site and has taken weeks to put together.

There was a problem with the B-class star display in the last upload of the map (they are displayed as blue crescents instead of blue balls). I'll be fixing that and adding a new option to display large map windows (720x720 pixels as well as the current 360x360 pixels).

Many changes

Submitted by Kevin Jardine on 10 November, 2006 - 20:51

After a few months of inactivity, I've now made a large number of changes to this site.

Here's the list:

I've added Gum nebula and Westerhout radio source catalogs.

There is an image for every nebula in the Sharpless, RCW and Gum catalogs.

There is an article describing the origins of the Sharpless, Gum and RCW catalogs.

I've redone the map to update it to include version 2.7 of the Diaz et. al. cluster database (27 October 2006) and corrected the distances of several of the nebulae (more corrections and additions still to come).

I've improved the page that shows the details for each object so that this page shows the full size object image as well if available - not just a thumbnail as before.

My site stats show that Galaxy Map is getting about 1300 visitors a month. Not a huge audience, but I'm happy with the way it is growing.


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