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First WISE image

Submitted by Kevin Jardine on 17 April, 2011 - 11:39

Below is an image of Sh 2-284 I made this morning from the WISE data. The speed of the image server is now reasonably fast - I think the problem yesterday was just that it was down for a while.

I used all four channels, using the equations:

red = w4
green = 0.25*w2+0.75*w3
blue = 0.25*w2+0.75*w1

with a bit of preprocessing of the individual channel FITS files using Aladin first.

I've rotated the image to the right by 90° to compare it with an earlier image I made using Spitzer IRAC and SuperCOSMOS data.

Here's the WISE image:

(A much larger 4095x4095 version can be downloaded by clicking here.)

and here's the earlier Spitzer/SuperCOSMOS image for comparison:

The two obvious differences are that:

  • the Spitzer data is higher resolution
  • the WISE data reveals more at longer (redder) wavelengths than Spitzer's IRAC instrument. (Spitzer's separate MIPS instrument also covers the longer wavelengths). For this reason the WISE image shows more structure in the interior of Sh 2-284 than IRAC.

It looks like the WISE image server is going to be very useful and I'm looking forward to making more images!