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WISE data release

Submitted by Kevin Jardine on 16 April, 2011 - 13:25

The first block of WISE infrared data was released a couple of days ago and there is an explanation of how to access the images here. Unfortunately all that is provided is an (when I tried it) unbearably slow postage stamp image server.

There is nothing like the full pannable and zoomable maps available for other infrared missions such as IRAS or Spitzer GLIMPSE/MIPSGAL. This is a real shame as the WISE all sky data is crying out for a Google Sky like interface.

The first block of data is mostly confined to the inner galaxy with a few key bits of the Gould Belt (Orion/Ophiuchus) and the outer galaxy provided as well. You can see the release map here.

I understand that the lack of a more elaborate interface is partially a funding issue. I hope that some resources become available (Google or Microsoft are you listening?) by the time the full data is released next year.

In the mean time (and if the postage stamp server becomes more responsive) I hope to start doing the Gum/RCW/Sharpless catalog images in infrared.