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The SuperCOSMOS explorer

Submitted by Kevin Jardine on 7 December, 2008 - 20:49

I've added the SuperCOSMOS explorer to the Introduction to the Milky Way Explorer. This shows detailed hydrogen-alpha images of the southern galactic plane (30° > l > 210°). As I explain in the Introduction to the Milky Way Explorer, the SuperCOSMOS data is not calibrated and there are some obvious plate transitions. Nevertheless, I think that these images are very useful and show details of some large faint nebulae that I've never seen before.

For example, here is an image of Sh 2-11 (the War and Peace nebula) together with the much less known Sh 2-12 and Sh 2-13, which I've never seen properly imaged anywhere before. Sh 2-12 is the larger nebula on the left, and Sh 2-13 appears above it. All three nebulae appear to be ionised by stars in or near the Sco OB4 association.