Star Formation Region Avedisova 799

Catalog name: 49.41-0.19

Prominent object names: [L89b] 49.41-0.19, RAFGL 2378, [M94] 49.5 -0.4 a, W51A, W51A [glossary]

Westerhout radio sources: W51A = [M94] 49.5 -0.4 a (PartofCloud) [77]

Other component designations: RAFGL 2378

Distance estimates for objects in this region

Object PositionSize (arcmin) Source Note Distance(s)
SYCSW 1191 49.45+0.003.0x3.0 1987ApJS...63..821S V 4600, 6400
[L89b] 49.407-0.193 49.407-0.193 2009ApJ...690..706A V 7700

For more information on distance estimates see Avedisova distances.

Detailed component listing with references (3 components)

Main objectR W51A [1980A&AS...40..379D], R [1979A&AS...35...23A], R [2000AJ....119.2801L], R [1989ApJS...71..469L]
49.37 -00.23IR RAFGL 2378 [1983AFGL..161....0P]
49.44 -00.24M CO cloud [1987ApJS...63..821S], M H2CO [1980A&AS...40..379D], M CH [1976ApJS...31..333R], M HI-A [1994ApJ...436..117K]

Acknowledgement: based on the Catalog of Star-Forming Regions in the Galaxy ( Avedisova, V. S., Astronomy Reports, Volume 46, Issue 3, March 2002, pp.193-205 [2002ARep...46..193A]). The complete catalog can be accessed here: V/112/.

For more information, read The Avedisova catalog: A real Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?