Star Formation Region Avedisova 2611

Catalog name: 321.08-0.53

Prominent object names: RCW 91, [WHR97] 15122-5801 [glossary]

IRAS infrared sources (1): IRAS 15122-5801 = [WHR97] 15122-5801 (HII) [14]

Masers: 2 hydroxyl, 1 water, 3 methanol

Other component designations: RAFGL 4213, RCW 91 (HII) [7]

Distance estimates for objects in this region

Object PositionSize (arcmin) Source Note Distance(s)
RCW 91 321.2-0.512.8 1987A&A...174..257G I 4000
[CH87] 321.105-0.549 321.105-0.549 3.9x 3.9 1987A&A...171..261C V 3900, 11600

For more information on distance estimates see Avedisova distances.

Detailed component listing with references (12 components)

Main objectO RCW 91 [1975PhDT.......119G], O [1998A&AS..130..119R]
320.975-00.790R [1994ApJS...91..111W], O [1998A&AS..130..119R]
321.038-00.519R [1987A&A...171..261C], R [1970AuJPA..14..133S], R [1969AuJPA..11...11D], R [1994ApJS...91..111W], R [1970A&A.....6..364W], R [1969AuJPA..12....3M], M H2CO [1987A&A...171..261C]
321.06 -00.54IR RAFGL 4213 [1983AFGL..161....0P]
321.030-00.485M OH-E [1998MNRAS.297..215C]
321.057-00.520IR 15122-5801 [1988IRASP.C......0J], M CS [1996A&AS..115...81B]
321.046-00.495M CH3OH-E F [1998MNRAS.301..640W], M CH3OH-E G [1998MNRAS.301..640W], M CH3OH-E L [1998MNRAS.301..640W], M CH3OH-E M [1998MNRAS.301..640W], M CH3OH-E N [1998MNRAS.301..640W], M CH3OH-E O [1998MNRAS.301..640W], M CH3OH-E [1993MNRAS.261..783S]
321.049-00.493M CH3OH-E A [1998MNRAS.301..640W], M CH3OH-E B [1998MNRAS.301..640W], M CH3OH-E C [1998MNRAS.301..640W], M CH3OH-E D [1998MNRAS.301..640W], M CH3OH-E E [1998MNRAS.301..640W], M CH3OH-E H [1998MNRAS.301..640W], M CH3OH-E J [1998MNRAS.301..640W], M CH3OH-E K [1998MNRAS.301..640W], M CH3OH-E P [1998MNRAS.301..640W], M CH3OH-E [1994MNRAS.269..257G], M CH3OH-E [1997MNRAS.291..261W]
321.11 -00.55R [1987A&A...171..261C], R [1970AuJPA..14..133S], R [1970A&A.....6..364W]
321.146-00.528M H2O-E [1989AuJPh..42..331C]
321.148-00.529M OH-E [1998MNRAS.297..215C], M OH-E [1987AuJPh..40..215C]
321.150-00.531M CH3OH-E [1995MNRAS.272...96C], M CH3OH-E [1995MNRAS.274.1126C], M CH3OH-E [1993MNRAS.262...43G]

Acknowledgement: based on the Catalog of Star-Forming Regions in the Galaxy ( Avedisova, V. S., Astronomy Reports, Volume 46, Issue 3, March 2002, pp.193-205 [2002ARep...46..193A]). The complete catalog can be accessed here: V/112/.

For more information, read The Avedisova catalog: A real Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?