Star Formation Region Avedisova 1481

Catalog name: 123.89-1.77

Prominent object names: 2MASX J00584079+6104402, WB89 370, WB89 373 [glossary]

IRAS infrared sources (2): IRAS 00556+6048 = 2MASX J00584079+6104402 (HII) [14], IRAS 00571+6050 (IR) [5]

Distance estimates for objects in this region

Object PositionSize (arcmin) Source Note Distance(s)
WB89 370 1989A&AS...80..149W I 2840
WB89 373 1989A&AS...80..149W I 3130
[YDM97] CO 141 123.87-1.875.93 1997ApJS..110...21Y P 850

For more information on distance estimates see Avedisova distances.

Detailed component listing with references (4 components)

Main objectR [1971AJ.....76..777B]
123.8 -01.8M CO cloud 141 [1997ApJS..110...21Y]
123.806-01.781IR 00556+6048 [1988IRASP.C......0J], M CO [1989A&AS...80..149W], M CO [1982ApJS...49..183B]
123.997-01.750IR 00571+6050 [1988IRASP.C......0J], M CO [1989A&AS...80..149W]

Acknowledgement: based on the Catalog of Star-Forming Regions in the Galaxy ( Avedisova, V. S., Astronomy Reports, Volume 46, Issue 3, March 2002, pp.193-205 [2002ARep...46..193A]). The complete catalog can be accessed here: V/112/.

For more information, read The Avedisova catalog: A real Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?