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300 visitors so far

Submitted by Kevin Jardine on 25 March, 2005 - 15:45

I corrected the names displayed on the object detail pages to make sure that they are consistent with the "Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects", with the exception of a small set of gas clouds described here "The physical properties of giant molecular cloud complexes in the outer Galaxy - Implications for the ratio of H2 column density to (C-12)O intensity" which don't seem to have an entry in the dictionary.

I added some missing gas clouds, and updated the cluster database.

Then I added quite a bit of background material to the collaborative book.

On the first day of spring, 20 March 2005, I decided that the site was ready for an initial public launch and so sent messages out to a number of Yahoo, Google and Usenet astronomy newsgroups.

So far about 300 people have dropped by to take a look. It's a good start.