The Avedisova star formation regions and the Van den Bergh and Herbst reflection nebulae

This page lists the Avedisova star formation regions associated with the Van den Bergh and Herbst reflection nebulae. The region location is linked to a page summarising the data on the star formation region. The nebulae and most referenced object names are both linked to their SIMBAD pages. In many cases the nebulae and the most referenced object in the region will be the same, but not always. Each line also lists the number of components for the region, the SIMBAD suggested type for the most referenced object, and the number of bibliographic references for the most referenced object.

SIMBAD cross reference and type information is not always accurate, so this information should be treated cautiously. It is best to read the bibliographic references for the object to get the latest and most accurate information.

Nebula RegionComps. Most referenced object Type Obj. ref.
VDBH2 248.90-0.01[8] LDN 1670 MolCld [11]
VDBH9 253.75-0.50[17] GUM 10 HII [22]
VDBH12 258.00-2.00[20] NAME BERNES 135 Em* [87]
VDBH13 254.68+0.22[5] NGC 2579 HII [58]
VDBH22 268.06-2.16[18] CD-48 4157 *inNeb [10]
VDBH23 266.98-1.27[1] TYC 8156-284-1 *inNeb [9]
VDBH24 264.42+1.05[4] V* OU Vel Em* [67]
VDBH25 264.28+1.43[16] V* V391 Vel Orion_V* [69]
VDBH26 267.93-1.00[58] [WMG70] 268.0-01.1 HII [102]
VDBH27 265.12+1.44[43] SNR G265.1+01.5 SNR [54]
VDBH28 264.78+1.52[7] V* V392 Vel Be* [22]
VDBH30 270.82+0.69[2] VdBH 30 RfNeb [13]
VDBH31 271.01+1.39[5] VdBH 31b RfNeb [6]
VDBH51 293.64-1.41[51] IC 2944 HII [102]
VDBH56 296.49-2.77[2] IC 2966 RfNeb [13]
VDBH58 303.66-3.51[3] VdBH 58 *inNeb [11]

Acknowledgement: based on the Catalog of Star-Forming Regions in the Galaxy ( Avedisova, V. S., Astronomy Reports, Volume 46, Issue 3, March 2002, pp.193-205 [2002ARep...46..193A]). The complete catalog can be accessed here: V/112/.

For more information, read The Avedisova catalog: A real Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?