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All materials released under the Creative Commons By Attribution 4.0 license. An adequate credit is ", Twitter: @galaxy_map". If at all possible please leave the Galaxy Map logo on the materials.

Data sources

Detailed sources and links to other resources

800 parsec maps

Maps of the solar neighbourhood and environs. There are two versions of this map. The first version contains about 600 individual stars with absolute luminosity similar to Bellatrix (-2.8) or brighter.

800 pc map with luminous stars (360 Mb pdf)

zoomable online version of the 800 pc map with luminous stars

The second map version has the same content without the stars (less information but also less cluttered).

800 pc map without luminous stars (360 Mb pdf)

zoomable online version of the 800 pc map without luminous stars

It should be possible to print out either pdf version as an A0 poster and get legible labels. However, the quality of the poster print will depend a lot on the colours used by the print job. If you want to print this out, please use a printer with bright colours and consider printing a section of the poster (say Orion) on A4 to make sure that the colours are going to work.

800 parsec map SVG source

I use the open source SVG editor Inkscape to produce my maps (and in particular all the labels). The SVG source is generated from various catalogs using Python scripts, and then corrected manually in Inkscape. Here I'm providing the source and related images in case you want to customize or translate the resources. By default the file shows the stars. You can turn this off by hiding the Star Labels layer and replacing the background image with the supplied alternative image in images/800pc_render_a_plus_dust_clumps_hii_snr_clusters.png.

SVG and image source (530 Mb zip)